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Prof.Oya Gökmen

Prof. Oya Gökmen

Gynecology and Obstetrics, IVF

Türkiye - Istanbul - Beykoz


Prof. Dr. Oya GÖKMEN was founded in 1964 by T.E.D. After graduating from Ankara College, he started his education at Ankara University Faculty of Medicine. After graduating from Ankara Medical Faculty in 1970, he specialized in Hacettepe University Gynecology and Obstetrics Department, became a Gynecology and Obstetrics specialist in 1975 and started his professional career as a chief assistant at Zekai Tahir Burak Training and Research Hospital. 1976-1978 years between the Oxford and Cardiff has completed the reproductive health senior specialist with the World Health Organization scholarship and Intelligence in the rotation after the UK led to the establishment of Tahir Burak Hospital in the first hormone laboratory in Turkey and the responsibility.

In 1984, he received the title of Associate Professor at the University and the same year as the Clinical Chief of the Ministry of Health. In 1991, Dr. Upon the death of Ziya Durmuş, Zekai Tahir became the chief physician of the Burak Training and Research Hospital. In the same year, he pioneered the opening of an in vitro fertilization center within the hospital and he assumed the Responsible Manager of the Center until 2001. Thus, Zekai Tahir Burak became the first in vitro fertilization center of the Ministry of Health as an educational institution that undertakes Obstetrics training for 100-125 assistants per year.

During his tenure as Chief Physician, he pioneered the training of numerous colleagues of our country within the framework of the world's current effective Gynecology programs. Turkey also currently working as employees in various locations and Associate Professor in the academic career of more than 30 colleagues supported every step in the career of the university, encouraged and shared their success.

20.000 birth, 25,000 surgeries are performed and Turkey 2/3 of Obstetrics and Gynecology experts reach the intelligence did the team leadership of all team members for the ISO 9001 certificate prior to delivering better health services on behalf of being in hospital Tahir Burak Training and Research Hospital and the receipt of this document provided. Later, his team was awarded the EFQM certificate, the European Excellence Award. Thus, he made competent sacrifices for all kinds of innovations that would enable all the obstetrician assistants to be informed of the contemporary programs within the rationale of modern medicine in the world.

In addition, he took an active role in all commissions of the Ministry of Health between 1991-2001. These are committees such as IVF Commission, Drug Registration Commission, Ethics Commission, effective implementation of family planning services, and all of them have been worked on in accordance with the principle of modern medicine on women's health. In 2001, Zekai Tahir Burak left the Training and Research Hospital.

Between 2001-2008, he founded a private IVF Center and continued his professional activities there. In 2008, he started to work as a professor in the newly established Giresun University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Obstetrics. Vice-Chancellor in the development of the University's Faculty of Medicine, Hospital Head Physician, Obstetrics Department was assumed duties as President and this time will be active in the upbringing of the Faculty of Health Sciences in Turkey's need of nurses and midwives and starred as trainers.

Between 2012 and 2013, she continued to work as the head of the Department of Social Service, which was at the establishment stage of the Faculty of Health Sciences at Istanbul University, while continuing her IVF studies.

As of November 2013, after the establishment phase of the IVF department of Medistate Kavacık Hospital and the end of the license studies of the unit as of March, he assumed the IVF Responsible Manager, as well as its founding.

He is still actively working as the Medical and Administrative Director of Medistate Kavacık Hospital. Within the scope of this task, Medistate Kavacık Hospital has completed its quality journey in international patient services with a successful team work and JCI (Joint Commission International) certificate as of April. He worked effectively as part of the successful team on this journey.

In social activities in the area, knowing the events in Turkey Civil Society organizations were serious in striving for together under one roof to become the Turkish Gynecology Obstetrics of the presidency in 1995. His Ankara Gynecological Association and all female obstetrician present in Turkey and served as founding president and management worked on the board. TJOD with branches in 44 provinces today and has been working successfully as a society that embraces all of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in Turkey from all platforms. Turkey Reproductive Health and Infertility Association (TSRM) organization continues to be members of the association and is still in the stage of the Ethics Committee Member and activities.

She took part in the establishment of TÜKAL, which was established under the All Women Lobby in 2007 and still continues to work in the board of directors. In addition, the University Women Association actively engages in education and lobbying activities that will serve the interests of the country in order to increase the sensitivity of associations such as women's councils to women's problems in society. She worked as a Project Manager in 2 European Union projects related to women's health.

Separate continues its activities as an elected member of various women's councils serving both in the field of education and health in the international arena.

She speaks English and French, and has a 35-year relationship with her esteemed wife Assoc. Dr. After the loss of Bülent Gökmen, he continues his life with his son Mehmet Gökmen, his bride Derya Gökmen, his beloved grandchildren Bülent Atlas Gökmen and Ayşe Pera Gökmen.

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