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Prof.Mustafa Nuri Yenerel

Prof. Mustafa Nuri Yenerel


Türkiye - Istanbul - Fatih



Prof. Dr. Mustafa Nuri Yenerel is always with you in all matters related to blood diseases.

Dr. Mustafa Yenerel graduated from Istanbul University, Istanbul Faculty of Medicine in 1989, where he entered in 1983. At the same faculty, he first completed his Internal Medicine specialization and then a minor in Hematology. Yenerel has been working as a faculty member of the Department of Hematology since 2004.

In addition to his duties in the faculty, he continues his studies part-time in the INTERMED polyclinic. Yenerel aims to provide a safe health service that you can apply to solve all problems related to Hematology in adult patients. The diagnosis and treatment of hematological malignant diseases such as leukemia, lymphoma and multiple myeloma, which are increasing in prevalence in recent years and threatening public health, are of special interest.

Between 2002-2003, he worked on the diagnosis and treatment of hemolytic anemia and blood banking in the United States for 1 year. Yenerel Istanbul Medical Faculty hematology clinic is also responsible for the flow cytometry laboratory. With these features, diagnostic hematological studies, especially erythrocyte and platelet diseases, constitute his other special interests.

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