Istanbul Pediatric Surgery

Prof.Feryal  Gün Soysal

Prof. Feryal Gün Soysal

Pediatric Surgery

Türkiye - Istanbul - Ataşehir


She was born on 16.01.1970 in Istanbul. She graduated from Istanbul University Istanbul Faculty of Medicine in 1993. In 1994, after performing compulsory service in Aksaray Province Gülağaç District Health Center for 1 year, she started her specialty training in Istanbul University Istanbul Faculty of Medicine Department of Pediatric Surgery and received the title of Pediatric Surgeon in 1999. She continued as chief assistant in the same clinic and received the title of Associate Professor of Pediatric Surgery in 2007 and the title of Professor in 2013. She is still a member of the same department. She has good command of English and German. She is married.

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